UK Trip

We are planning a trip to the UK to see friends and family and visit all the touristy places. Our friends and family are spread out.  If  you look at the map here, we fly into London Heathrow and then go to

Newquay, which I think is in Cornwall or Devon and then to Manchester and then Newcastle, I think there are 2 Newcastle’s in England, so we will have to find the right one. I believe it is the one at the top of the map. Then back to London to fly home.

Our friends in Newquay work in the local surfing school and seem to enjoy it and our family are in Newcastle and work in the local carpet cleaners and don’t have so much fun 🙁 but they tell me its a good job for the area of Newcastle.

We want to visit the big London tourist landmarks too.

Looking forward to it as the whole family have not been to the UK as yet and not met the family, so it will be a great trip.