Is teeth whitening an option for your wedding day?

Nowadays brides and grooms have an action plan for their wedding and teeth whitening is high up there, to be whitened in time for the wedding day. It is such a big item in today’s world, your teeth are so important and this is shown by so many people in today’s media, it’s teeth, teeth, teeth.

And a recent survey by the dental arm of BUPA, showed that 25% of brides were having their teeth whitened before their wedding, this is a very big increase over years gone by, where your teeth were not that important. And even more interesting is the number of grooms who have admitted to either having their teeth whitened or planning to is 20%.

It is so popular now, as borne out by those figures, teeth whitening has grown so much, it is because of 3 major changes;

  1. Firstly it is known to be safe now,, where before there were question marks over whitening
  2. It is everywhere, it is very easy to do and available
  3. Wherever we look on TV or in magazines, all our well known or famous people have beautiful teeth

There we have it, and to be honest it does make people look great, your teeth are so important to your overall look and also importantly how you feel about yourself and your confidence.

More dentists have noticed that brides and grooms are getting their teeth whitened and 40% of dentists with BUPA have recorded this.

BUPA also found out that 10% of people who are in the middle of wedding plans are planning to get their teeth straightened.

There is so much focus and actual pressure on the bride to look amazing, so it is no wonder, this increase in interest in teeth whitening is happening. And linked to this the wedding video and photo’s are adding pressure as bad teeth will not only be bad teeth on the day but for generations to come to see those teeth on photos and video.

And it has been noted by lots of people that great teeth is a very attractive feature of someone and the opposite of that is bad teeth are quite a turn off.

So there we have it, get your teeth whitened now or you will look out of it and it will do wonders for your confidence. Go find your local teeth whitening clinic or service, we love ours.

Good luck with your new beautifully white teeth.