Florida holiday plans

destin fl

Hi there, just thought I would add in this post about my lovely vacation plans to Destin Florida in the USA. We chose Destin as we have friends there and as you can see from the picture here , it is beautiful and right on the beach near Panama City , FL. Very very excited.

The family are looking forward to it and although I usually blog about water, I wanted to add some personal blog posts as well.

The kids are so excited about hiring a limo when we get there, they have never been in one, so that will be a fantastic experience for them and they have found a limo company on the internet that they like the look, so I will contact them and try and book one up. They chose Destin Limousines and their website looks great to be honest, so let’s give it a go.

As we are really into healthy water as you can see from our blog here, I will make sure the family take on board a lot of healthy water when we are away on vacation as we do not want to dehydrate.

The whole house is a little crazy now about the vacation. Guess we have to start saving up to afford the vacation and the limo, Destin itself is great our friends say and all the pictures and videos on Youtube back that up.

This video is the top 5 things to do in Destin….

Go to love Florida, it looks so beautiful, the crystal clear water seems to go on forever, we will love it there I am sure.

Here are some pictures of Destin.


emerald-grande-condos-destin-florida 4

destin fl 4

destin fl 3

destin fl 2

What a beautiful spot, so pleased we have friends there by the water. I will come back to you after the vacation.


Water problems

water for everyone

Water is so important to everything and everybody and it has to get to everybody and could if we all decided it was a priority. We can build houses for people who are in need in days on a tv show, we can do anything if there is the right motivation.

As I was saying in my other pages, it is all about what is important and getting the right plumbers. These plumbers can be real plumbers or engineers from around the world who are plumbers really.

You may know some plumbers in your local area and sometime they go out to Africa to help, I know some who do that. Which is an amazing thing to do.

The water shortage for some countries is terrible and people , real people from the UK and many other countries go out to places like Kenya and do great work. Because they can technically and they want to help. It must be an amazing feeling being a plumber who can help. Great people and talented as plumbing isn’t as easy as it seems.