Easy Maintenance of Windows and Doors


External dirt and grime ought to be removed from the glass surface area using an option of soap and water

Any household glass cleaner may be utilized with a soft fabric

KEEP IN MIND: The glass utilised in a lot of double glazed units, is easily scratched and it is for that reason advised that hand jewellery is gotten rid of prior to cleaning.

Leaded Glass

Make sure when cleaning up leaded lights as excessive pressure can dislodge the lead from the glass surface area

Warm soapy water reasonably used with a fabric, will prove a sufficient cleansing technique

NOTE: Externally exposed lead will oxidise, this is a natural phenomena and can not be avoided.

Windows & Frames

Wash frames with soap and water solution at least:-.

Every 6 months in backwoods, if needed, tidy with a non-abrasive proprietary cleaner, suitable for either plastics, aluminium or lumber, using a soft fabric. In case of abnormally heavy staining, suggestions must be sought from your provider/ installer.

NOTE: Avoid all solvent based or abrasive cleaners. Make sure not to disrupt silicone pointing sealants.

Conservatory & Porch Roofs.

Clear gutters of leaves and particles, to prevent overflow of rainwater and ensure unblocked drain. Wash roofing system panels with a soap and water solution a minimum of every 4 months to eliminate gunk and climatic deposits.

NOTE: Do not stroll on conservatory roofings. Avoid all solvent based or abrasive cleaners. Take care not to disrupt silicone sealants.

Brass furnishings.

Brass furnishings is totally protected with lacquer. Through typical wear and tear, this lacquer may peel or become stained.

NOTE: Your supplier can not accept obligation for this natural event. To refurbish brass work, carry out the following procedure:.

Safeguard the uPVC surface areas from chemicals etc, by masking off an area around each piece of brass work, or getting rid of the item to be reconditioned.

  • Eliminate old lacquer with nail polish remover or paint stripper.
  • Clean and polish with a proprietary brass polish.
  • Thoroughly re-lacquer with a good quality product.

uPVC requires no upkeep aside from cleansing. In case of damage, seek advice from Your provider. Occasionally and where accessible, clear drainage holes which can be seen when you open the doors and windows.


If the gaskets are broken or damaged and draughts are felt around the unit, ensure prompt replacement by contacting your installer.

Hardware fittings.

Oil or light grease ought to be applied to systems and keeps once a year. A thin film applied to stays will improve their corrosion resistance. Residential door hinges need no lubrication. Vertical slider spring balances are pre-Iubricated and should require no upkeep.

Glass scratches.

If scratches occur, the majority of can be removed with jewellers rouge available from your local glass provider, or a comparable rubbing substance. Alternatively, seek professional advice. Replacement of sealed units need to be carried out by professionals in accordance with BS6262, the systems abiding by BS5713.

Bi-Fold doors.

Your bi-fold door system contains mechanical moving parts that will require to be lubed bi– each year. These include: hinges, multipoint lock and manages. Lube utilising a light oil or spray oil and wipe away any excess with a non-abrasive cloth when you have actually finished. The running system in your bifold door system is upkeep- totally free.

Weathering gaskets— use a light soapy service and a non-abrasive fabric. DO NOT USE solvent based cleansing items on the gaskets. It is advised that silicon spray is applied to the gaskets each year.

Tracks— use a small brush to loosen any debris from the track. Using an appropriate vacuum with a thin nozzle cleansing accessory. Vacuum up the particles in the track. (This must be performed on a weekly basis) DO NOT allow particles to integrate in the track as this will effect the operation of the doors.

Throughout high winds, ensure that doors are kept closed to prevent structural damage.

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