Benefits of Secondary Double Glazing

It can be a cost-saving, unobtrusive addition to your house or company facilities, and one that need to be easily thought about if you’re thinking about upgrading your windows.

What is ‘secondary double glazing’?

Secondary double glazing is where an extra pane of glass is contributed to the within an existing window.

On the other hand, conventional, non-secondary double glazing is also comprised of 2 panes of glass, however with an air space in-between.

Traditional double glazing can consist of two different windows in parallel (you physically need to open both to open the window– typically found in older buildings such as nation homes), or 2 panes fitted close together but with a vacuum/gas-filled space.

Keeping the character of old windows

With secondary double glazing having the ability to be installed on top of existing windows, there’s no need to make an extreme overhaul to the window system.

Must you have windows that include a great deal of character to your home, secondary double glazing can be a great means of improving them while keeping the visual appeals intact.

It’s likewise a reversible adaptation, and can be gotten rid of if required in the future.

Secondary double glazing is therefore acceptable in lots of sanctuary. In summary, it’s not typically subject to building regulations or planning consent and can operate in numerous scenarios.

Following on from the previous point– by not needing to set up a whole new window unit, the expense of installing secondary double glazing is comparably more affordable.

Installation on the whole is fairly fast and simple. For starters, no external gain access to is needed, so no scaffolding needs to be put up around your house. This keeps disruption at a minimum, and likewise implies it’s a cinch to set up on floors that are higher up.

There’s no need to refurnish anywhere after the task’s been done!

Along with minimising the overall expense of work carried out, you’ll be saving cash thanks to the increased thermal effectiveness secondary double glazing offers.

The additional layer of glass helps keep draughts at bay and stops heat leaving, indicating your home will remain warmer for longer.

For a rough guide to how much you could save from energy effective windows, check out the Energy Saving Trust.

Decrease sound pollution

Adding secondary glazing to a window can vastly minimize the quantity of external sound entering your building.

Well-fitted secondary double glazing can provide better sound insulation than sealed double glazing panes, and our specialised noise insulation windows achieve significant levels of this.

When used, this glass can assist block all kinds of meddlesome noise, such as traffic and transportation, general street sound, and industrial noise.

It’s proficient at stopping sounds leaving as well, and is especially perfect for structures that could get quite loud– such as bars and clubs!

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